About Us

We are a Christian clothing line that believes in spreading a message of hope, love, faith, and positivity. We want to help spread this message in every way possible—through our products, our interactions, and the service we provide.

What we wear can sometimes represent who we are, and with Christian apparel we are able to lets others know more about us. We never know who we might come across and have a chance to communicate our message with.

Our Beliefs:

Creating Products with a Positive Message—We understand that difficult times are a part of life, but that we can get a little bit of help from hope, love, faith, and positivity. That is why we pledge to create products with these messages and spread them through our social media pages.

Providing Outstanding Service—We believe that the key in providing outstanding service starts with everyone in the organization being knowledgeable and willing to help. That is why we do not have multiple locations or separate teams within the organization. We do everything from our Massachusetts location, and when you contact us you will talk to the same people who create the products, list them online, and ship them out. We have a small team, but we see that as a strength, not a weakness.

Fast and Free Shipping—We understand that receiving an item in a timely manner is important. That is why we pledge to ship out our orders on the same or next business day from when the order is placed. We also offer free shipping on all of our products that are shipped to the United States.

Creating High Quality Products—We are constantly working to provide the best quality products. Our t-shirts are made-to-order, which means that we make them once an order comes in. This allows us to do a quality check for every individual tee to make sure that it is up to the high standard we have set for all of our products.